Our History

Set amidst the beautiful rolling hills of Central Texas is a most pristine piece of land, perfect for growing grapes and making wine. Flat Creek Estate is nestled on this 80 acres, happily proving for well over a decade that quality Texas grapes produce quality Texas wines.


The development of Flat Creek Estate began in 1998 when Rick and Madelyn Naber, the ever-present owners, purchased the premier Hill Country property. Named for Flat Creek, which runs from just north of the property and ends in Lake Travis, the Estate is surrounded by picturesque beauty. The Nabers immediately fell in love with the ampitheater like valley with gently sloping land and excellent sandy loam soil - the perfect environment for growing grapes. 


Rick’s expertise and energy set the pace for all involved.  His inertia keeps the Flat Creek world spinning whether understanding the quirks of TABC codes or trouble-shooting daily challenges. Madelyn is truly a “Woman Gone Wine. Her commitment and delight in the evolution of Flat Creek Estate shows in her enthusiasm and initiative in many aspects of the business.

Our Vineyards

The Grand Planting on April 1, 2000 marked the beginning of commercial grape growing at Flat Creek Estate.  The initial April Fool’s Day planting…60 people, 6000 plants, 6 hours…has become a legend!  The vineyard has grown from the initial 6 acres of vines in the northwest corner of the property to nearly 20 acres of vines today.  Named for Flat Creek, which runs from just north of the property and ends in Lake Travis, the Estate is surrounded by picturesque beauty. Varietals include Syrah, Sangiovese, Montepulciano,  Tempranillo, Muscat Canelli, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc and several Portuguese Port varietals planted in multiple vineyard blocks.

Helen's Block:  Varietals in Helen’s Block include Sangiovese, Primitivo, and Tinta Madeira, all selected for the Texas Hill Country climate and soils. A planting of Montepulciano has replaced the original Primitivo with a promising first harvest in 2010.  Our Super Texan™, Rosé and Port programs all begin with fruit grown in Helen’s Block. Resulting wines over the first decade of production show excellent character and quality with continuing promise.  The Flat Creek Estate Super Texan™ 2003 was awarded a Double Gold in the San Francisco International Wine Competition, marking the first time a Texas red wine was awarded this prestigious accolade.

Hillltop Block: Hilltop Block is the home of the Flat Creek Syrah. Just one year after planting Helen’s Block, Grand Planting II took place in 2001 with many volunteer planters returning to participate.  Syrah is proving to be a perfect fit for our Texas Hill Country vineyard. 

Study Block:  A small block devoted to researching specific varieties and rootstocks, the block was planted in 2010  Tempranillo.  This increases our production of a grape that loves the Hill Country just as it does the Rioja region in Spain.

Pecan Park Block: The view from the Bistro encompasses the beauty of Pecan Park Block where Pinot Grigio and Muscat Canelli are grown.  The Pinot Grigio is always the first grape harvested in mid-July when the weather is not quite August hot.  Just ask a member of the Harvest Team! The resulting Pinot Grigio is always an award-winner & typically finished in a classic style.  Flat Creek Estate Pinot Grigio...wine simply doesn’t get much better than this!

Longhorn Block: Our much-planned Longhorn block began commercial production with the 2006 vintage. The Tempranillo offers excellent fruit. The last-planted Port varietals are maturing well. The Pinot Blanc has become a signature Estate wine and Muscat Canelli adds to the excellent Muscat program.

Trooper's Block:  The most recent vineyard planting is a small planting dedicated to Montepulciano and named after the amazing (and imposing) Doberman, Trooper who helped plant, select harvest dates, plan menus and greet guests for many years!  His vineyard is thriving & provides an important element in the Four Horsemen program!